.htaccess Free Tools Online

Instant accesss to generate .htaccess files for many different functions i.e Redirect to WWW, .htaccess Prevent Hotlinking Block Unwanted Bots... on .htaccess free online tools.

htaccess Redirector

Redirect file or directory using a 301 redirect.

htaccess Long Expiry Headers

Set Expire Headers to expire site's component.

Redirect to WWW

Redirect non-www to your www website.

Password Protect File

Generate htpasswd file for users to access website.

.htpasswd File Generator

.htpasswd file required to use basic htaccess authentication

Block Directory Listing

if no index file then it serves contents of directory.

Block Access to .htaccess

Server prevents from displaying the contents of your .htaccess file

Change Default Dir Generator

Different filename to be served as defalut index file.

.htaccess Block Unwanted Bots

.htaccess Block Unwanted Bots by Useragent

.htaccess Block & Allow IP

Block or Allow users IP to access your website

.htaccess Custom Error Pages

Custom Error Pages for server error pages

.htaccess Prevent Hotlinking

Prevents certain urls form linking to your content

.htaccess File Caching

Caching Javascript, CSS, and Images in user's browser