Developer Free Tools Online

Free Online Development tools can be used for making fast efficient website. These tools includes css|js|html minifier, css|js|html beautifier, css|js pre-compression, base64 encoder|decoder, google font optimizer and many more.

IDN Conversion Tool

Easy tool for Unicode to ASCII/Punycode conversion.

Base64 Encoder

This Online tool helps you bulk Encode to Base64.

Base64 Decoder

This online tool helps you bulk Decode from Base64.

Google Fonts Optimizer

Fonts optimzer tool to optimize the delivery of Google fonts.

CSS Minify

This CSS minifier tool to minify CSS.

CSS Prettify

This CSS prettifier tool to beautify messy CSS.

CSS Pre-Compression

This tool pre-compress CSS and avoids Apache to compress CSS.

JS Minify

This JS Minifier Online tool to minify JS.

JS Prettify

This tool beautify compressed, minified javascript code.

JS Pre-Compression

This tool pre-compress JS and avoids Apache to compress JS.

HTML Minify

This HTML minifier tool to minify HTML.

HTML Prettify

This HTML prettifier tool to beautify messy HTML.

HTTP Header Viewer

This tool shows server response HTTP headers.

Source Code Viewer

This tool fetch the website's HTML code.

Hash Calculator

This tool calculates cryptographic hash value of string.

UTF-8 BOM Removel

This tool removes Byte-Order-Mark(BOM) from files.